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Leadership and Team high performance

Coaching Leaders and Teams To Achieve High Performance


A CTO once told me: "I don't want you to teach my team how to do Scrum. I want you to help them be high performing!"

If you're looking for someone who can understand your context and deliver custom training to help you and your team advance with agile and other continuous improvement techniques, you're at the right place!

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Individual and Group Coaching Sessions

You can pick an option based on your needs and we will customize it for you!

  1. 1:1 Leadership Coaching sessions starting from an affordable 5, 60 min sessions package. 

  2. Group coaching of 5-7 person groups starting from an affordable 5, 90 min sessions package.

  3. EQ-i 2.0 Individual and Group Assessments and Debriefs

  4. EQ-i 2.0 360 Assessments and Debriefs

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Building High Performing teams

Choose from workshops (3hrs or more) or webinar (1 hour lunch and learn style) trainings on the following topics or more:

  1. Starting new teams effectively

  2. Improving collaboration in teams

  3. How to increase Pace with Quality

  4. Effective Work visualization

  5. Using metrics to improve product and process



Our Founder can speak on various topics including the ones listed below for your event: 

  1. Women in Engineering

  2. Organizational Physics (See a recording)

  3. Emotional Intelligence and its impact on how Leaders are perceived

  4. Growth Mindset

  5. Leading with an Agile Mindset​

Read Rehana's Organizational Physics Blog Series

CEO Digital Agency, Canada

"Rehana helped me to identify and develop plans for transition in our organization to a remote workforce. We also worked on surfacing some 'undiscussable' issues with the leadership team and working on those issues. I highly recommend Rehana as a leadership coach."

Leading with an Agile Mindset: Talk Testimonial, Canada

"Loved the guidance on coaching - it has both personal implications and practical applications for interacting with team members. Also loved that this session really explored the agile mindset without referencing the methodology/practices explicitly. This approach really showed (rather than tell) the importance of starting with mindset."

Why choose       ?

A note from Rehana Rajwani - Founder of 

One of my first coaching clients - a new Engineering Manager - was struggling with providing critical feedback and showing empathy. As an outcome of our work together, he decided to continue working as an individual contributor until he had worked on his Emotional Intelligence a bit more. He basically returned his promotion! Whether you are a new or seasoned manager, understanding your deeper motivations can be helpful in making the right decisions about your professional life.


I have worked with CEOs, CTOs and Engineering Leaders at all levels across North America and Asia. These individuals are leaders in digital agencies, healthcare, financial services, and more!


My clients have worked with me to navigate challenges, complexities and uncertainties in their leadership journeys. From having open and transparent conversations to making important decisions - I work with my clients to achieve the right outcomes.

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